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Zohran's puppymovie

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I found such a sweet movie at my parents camera today! It's a short film of Zohran teasing 1 of my parents dogs ( Bijou). He's only 8weeks old at that moment!

It just makes me smile and laugh:biggthump enjoy!!
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How sweet!!! Tyical Dobe puppy antics LOL!!! Thanks for sharing :)
That was cute.
And there's Bijou not caring at all, just watching the crazy baby - cute.
That is cute.
Dontcha just love the look older dogs give puppies?
Very cute puppy!
Hahahahahahah, I'm glad to see he isnt to far off from his sister! (who still does that) I kind of miss her tail now. Zohran is a cutie :D
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Thanks for all the reactions! Just like his sister he still does this crazy running every day!
Announcement to all of you --> lol means laugh out loud in english ( I gues) but lol in Dutch means really fun haha so it's very funny to read a dutch word every time you mean the same in english LOL :p
I have a cousin to Zohran and Ziris and she also is totally crazy and runs round like a lunatic !!
oh too funny.. love it.. Puppies are so cute
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