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ziggy and harley

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I am watching a puppy for Ziggy's breeder - she had to evacuate her home due to the huge Bastrop wildlife that burned down over a thousand houses (yikes!). Thankfully her house was barely spared.

Harley is almost 8 months and just the sweetest thing. Much more chill than Ziggy.

These pictures are grainy because I didn't realize the settings on my camera were screwed up, but they were too cute not to share. Plus I have been really bad about posting pictures lately! Ziggy turned 2 in June.

For some reason Ziggy is smashing his nose into the table, LOL:

I eat your face!


Sneak attack

Hey little guy

Deke says - "I'm not sure how I feel about this"
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Those are fun pictures! Dobermans at play; there isn't much in the world like it!
For some reason Ziggy is smashing his nose into the table, LOL:

thats funny lol

and thats adorable, laughing dobe! I love it!
great pictures! Thanks for sharing them
Looks like they had fun! And happy belated birthday to Ziggy.
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