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Ok, I'm not sure this has been done (at least not recently). I thought it would be fun if everybody posted their favorite puppy picture and favorite adult picture of their dobie (or dobies).

I'll start it off.

This is my favorite puppy picture of Dreizehn. He is 4 months old in this picture.

This is my favorite picture of Dreizehn now that he's older (since he's still a pup). I think he was 7.5 months in this photo.

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My two favorite shots of Niz were from two years ago, when SO's childhood friend (a pro) went to Fort Funston and shot Niz.

What more could you want from a head shot?!

Everything about this photo--Niz's expression, the dirt on his nose, the tangled leash, Niz's arm over SO--"Dis be my hooman!"

(The photographer was Mike of Choco Studio)

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Sasha working the camera as a pup!

Sasha still working the camera at 3!

Riley when we first brought him home from the Humane Society!

Riley at 8 months!

Baby Logan!

Logan at 3 enjoying the snow!

My Logan at 12! We still miss you every single day!

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I don't really have any particularly good pictures, and we didn't get Kip until he was about 8 months old--so I'll just post a few of their "character" shots.

Capri joined our house prepared to stand off any dog she met there.

And proceeded to climb to the top however she could (That's Kip outside.)

Kip took the self-effacing route instead.

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Love this thread! Let me preface this post with the statement that I know I'm breaking the rules. I have two favorites of Libs as a pup and two of Nietzsche as a big boy. Shame on me!

I wish I had more pictures of Nietzsche as a puppy--this one has to be my favorite of the ones I have. He just has such a puppy face and curious look.

All grown up!

Sweet, "I love my sister" eyes!

Night I brought her home:

Ears up!

A young lady...

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I can't pick just one All of the pictures of my Dobe's are my favorite!
But a couple
Jonesy My new favorite

And a old favorite... There is a story behind this photo... I didn't take this photo, this was taken by my aunt and uncle, when they were staying at my place, watching Jones for 5 months while I was serving in Iraq, Jones was probably only 7-8 months at the time of this photo.... But that blanket he has draped over him... He carried that EVERYWHERE with him... This photo is really special to me, because before I left, that is one of the only blankets I had, I was sleeping on a couch, because I had just moved into my own place, so Jones took that blanket (that smelled like me) and took it everywhere with him... And he still carries it places, if I leave him with my friend for the weekend it goes with him... I love my boy...

And of course Jade My favorite photo of her

And Maks just cause he is here with me now

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It's tough to pick just a few! I have almost no pictures of baby Shanoa. We didn't get her until she was 4 1/2 months old, and then we were spending all of our time dealing with her issues and not taking any cute pictures. This one, though, I love. She was underneath a lawn chair that I was sitting on and poked her head up to say hi. She's about six months old here:

She's about a year and a half old in both of these:

My favorite recent picture:

Since we just adopted Simon we don't have any baby pictures. This picture is my favorite of his "first" pictures. I took it when he came into rescue and came over to be cat tested. His smile in this picture is what convinced my husband to let him come over for a trial, and the rest is history:

And I love how happy he is here:

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