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I was watching Aries play yesterday and I started thinking about all the goofy things he does. I thought I would share that list with my fellow doberman family here. Please add to this list.

You can always count on your doberman to...

- Destroy the empty paper towel rolls
- Stare at you until you feel guilty for not taking him for his walk yet
- Remove your hand from the mouse to somehow be placed on top of his head
- Renaming indestructible toys to "Yeah Right, not for a doberman"
- Destroying brand new toys in 30 seconds and waiting for you to hand him a new one
- Clearing the path for you on your walk because no one wants to walk near us

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I can always count on mine to:
- Scooch his butt in front of you or other guests, for a butt rub
- Pester the cats
- Act like a child high on sugar when his favourite guests come to visit
- Patrol the yard and ward off any squirrels
- Clear a room with his SBD dober farts
- Ready and willing to please when I say his name

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-Tell you how they really feel about something through vocalizations
-Do something to make you laugh when you are mad at them for doing something destructive
-Pick the most comfortable seat in the house and curl up there when you step away for a second
-Accompany you to the bathroom in case you are scared of going by yourself

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-Sit on my lap
-Kick me in the face, chest, belly, while I'm sleeping because he feels the need to stretch across the entire bed
-Stop dead in his tracks in front of me because he wants a butt rub
-Clear the barn of small critters
-Warn me when creepy peeps are approaching

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-sit, stand or lean directly on you
-drool/slop/track water all over after drinking (out of the bowl or the toilet)
-use his paws like he thinks he has opposable thumbs

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Place his head on the keyboard of your computer to stop you typing to go play with him.
Move from blanket to blanket trying them out until the one that takes his fancy is found.
Jump onto my husband when he is in bed and generally bother him until he gets up.
Stares at you miserably when you give him dog food and you are eating something that looks far more Dobertasty whilst licking his chops as if to say, 'I could take it, but I will wait till you give it to me'.
Sit outside the shower cubicle waiting patiently so he can lick and therefore wash the bits you have missed, because you know you do. Especially on your left leg mum.

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- running and crashing into smaller dogs, giving them flying lessons
- best empty, plastic bottle crusher available
- hard nose poking for attention or at the cat
-Maui loves to crush empty water bottles as well
-shows me "love" when I come home
-wait for me to sit on couch so she can snuggle
-chase the other dogs around the house

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* Pass gas loudly while being introduced to new people
* Hold the entire bowl of water in his mouth, and then dribble it in a trail throughout the house
* Give me a nose pokey in the butt first thing in the morning while making my coffee
* Snore like a grown man
* Be sleeping soundly but then somehow snap to life and appear whenever a piece of food hits the floor
* Supervise my bathroom trips

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-when it is a really hot day in August and you are going down the highway with the
A/C going full blast- he decides to plug that ice cold nose right into your ear.
-snoring which will change into talking in his sleep. Sounds range from giggling to obscene.
-when he returns to bed after getting up to get a drink of water, he has to let you know
that he is back by stepping on you.
-when he decides to stretch first thing in the am, being able to find your face with that
doberpaw fully extended.
-waiting until there are other dogs and owners around before cutting loose with one of
those toxic waste southern breezes.
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