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Yesterday's ZTP

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Yesterday we had a ZTP, there were 6 dogs, I put some photo’s how the test goes, over here when you want to breed, one of the dogs must have the ZTP, that’s a rule.

First thing they are doing is checking the chip, or tattoo number, to see if it’s the right dog.

After that the judge will check the male if he is intact, they do measuring to see the height of the dog, and they check the teeth.

Then they look at the outside, let say to the beauty of the dog, he must be put in show stand, and also show his walking.

Then there will be formed a group, and the judge tells how to walk thru the people, people make noise clap hands, throw chairs away when the dog is passed, and also put up a umbrella.
A jogger comes running thru you, and the dog may look but not react to it. The judge also comes a walk right behind you and the dog.

After that he will be shut in, he must sit and let it all happened.

The next thing is walking to the pole, were the dog will be left alone, he is on a rope with a collar, no choke, when you walk to the place there will be several gunshots. When the dog is in his place, the handler walk away and the dog don’t see him or her, after a while left alone, the judge comes thru the dog, and see how his or her reaction is, he must be stable and friendly, he walks away and after a few steps he return, and do the same thing again, the dog may not show fear or aggression.

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When that is all right, the owner handler may pick him up, walk thru the end of the field, and wait in a blind.

The decoy comes to the field and the dog don’t see him, then walk over the field and suddenly the decoy shows up, the dog must bite, and show no fear.

The last thing is sending the dog from a distance thru the decoy. And when everything is ok you passed the test.

The ZTP is to check how stable the dog is, and if he is conform the breed standard, not to big or to small, you can get a A or a B, A = the best you can get, so when there stand 1A V is the A for character and the V for excellent in show, so you can get 1B SG, they also can put you back for 3 months, then the judge think it’s a good dog, but still to young and gives you the opportunity to do it over again.

So I think many of you knows what the ZTP is, and if not now you know!

Here a picture of our clubmember who also participate the ZTP, just like Ziris breeder,

Here is Ascomannis Igor, 1A V

Here is Vaya Venity van Schuylenburcht 1A SG

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I almost forgot, this is Mr. Daube the German judge, its a German test so there will be a german judge as well.

This man will be the judge on your show BIB!

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Thanks for that Elly very interesting, something i would like to try with Mischa she has a very good bite,maybe when she has finished showing?
Very nice series Elly! Thanks for posting! Now I feel like I have been there :D
Thanks elly, I like seeing things like that :)
Great post!! Very interesting and good pictures. Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks for showing us that Elly. It sounds similar to the WAE test here.
Great pics Elly! Quick ?n - how are the dogs trained to attack the decoy, when so much time is spent to socialize the Dobe to be accepting of strangers? Always wanted to know....
Accepting of FRIENDLY strangers. The decoy will be assumed as a threat.
Elly, when the dog is "shut in" and has to sit, does he/she have to stay quiet?? Are they aloud any movement, barking...etc.
Elly, when the dog is "shut in" and has to sit, does he/she have to stay quiet?? Are they aloud any movement, barking...etc.
They must sit, they may sniffle, but may not show signs of fear, not barking as well, mostly this isn't a big issue, cause lots of people train it allready for BH, there is a part on the BH programm that they also were shut in.

Most problems are on the pole, were they are left alone.
Beautiful pictures Elly. Thanks for sharing. You have expanded my horizons.
great photos Elly, thanks for teaching me something new about the breed. I wish they had the same kid of regs here before breeding, then we wouldn't have so many BYB's and dogs that need rescue.

Very interesting thank you for the pictures to show us the demostration being done.
For any one who is interested, here is a link with more pictures of the ZTP from all the dogs who done the ZTP.
I don't know how I missed this, Elly. Great pics. I love seeing dobes work!
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