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Yeah Hoo + Question

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Buddy and I went around the block 4 times today with out getting wet did rain again after I got the scooter put up.Patches mighty unhappy about not getting to go when we are just going on the street no room for Patches to walk too.
Question I had Buddy on a pinch collar he had not been out hardly at all because of the rain. He was pulling keeping the leash taught driving me crazy whinning & barking at every dog he saw. I have a Gentel Leader would that work???? I think I read somewhere on this forum head halter were not good for Doberman's to wear possible neck injury????? Buddy wants to walk up by the front wheel of the scooter I would like him to walk beside me in more of a heel position. I think in accordence with the NILF he is suppose to walk next to me he has been showing signs of wanting to be pack leader I think it is his age he will be 15 months old this month on the 28th????
Any one have any ideas plus he gets so excited looking for other dogs and cats he still keeps getting his feet run over by the scooter.
On our last trip around the block he finely settled down some and would listen to me.
Patches Mom
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Indy is really bad when it comes to pulling. So much so, that it just isn't fun walking him anymore. Plus, I'm always afraid he's going to pull me off my feet because he's so strong. In the past, I tried a choke chain, gentle lead, no-pull trainer and finally tried the Pro Stop! Gentle Restraining Harness. It is similar to the no-pull trainer, except there is no part in the front and the leg restraints are padded. It's the first thing that's actually worked! I found it online at KV Vet ( for 15.99. I've seen similar devices at other places as well.
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