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I've just dropped Paige off to be x-rayed.

Just over 3 weeks ago she dislocated her toe - ran off scenting in the woods, came back with it sticking out :eek:

Cue me in a bit of a panic, no idea what to do - touched it ever so lightly and it just slid back in. Phew. But, been trouble since - it swelled up a bit as I'd expect the next day, so she went on rimadyl. Didn't make much difference, and any running set it off again. So on-lead walks only.

It's now swelled up (probably half as big again as it should be) and isn't going down so she's gone in today to have it x-rayed, see if there's a fracture going on. She's not lame on it at all but it's clearly not right, and she's fed up with being stuck on tiny on-lead walks.

It's just one more thing on the list of medical problems of late - the day after she did it, Tia fell down the stairs first thing (weak back legs getting worse, stairs now blocked off!), then an hour after that, Soli passed away suddenly to her DCM. Saffi's knee is sore again, but she's not on painkillers again til Thursday now cos she doesn't get on with trocoxil and it takes 6 weeks plus to get out of the system; and then there's Remy's thyroid mystery. Oh, and Raine snagged her dew claw and divebombed into a week of enteritis through the sheer stress of thinking I'd have to look at it (bad handling/training in her last home).

Can I have some normal dogs now please?
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