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Would you buy/own an undocked dobe??

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I am just enquiring as i'm sure most of you are aware docking is now banned in a lot of countries in Europe. I was curious to know if you'd still own the breed or would you move onto another breed?

sorry if this has been posted before.
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Just as a side note to an early part of this thread. My last two dobies were docked with natural ears and often adults would cross the street when they saw us coming. Zulu was a huge red boy and Cleo was an average sized black female. Of course 2 might be more intimidating than 1.

On the other hand, Children couldn't wait to come and pat them. They wanted to know if they could ride Zulu like a were very disappointed when I told them he wasn't strong enough.

As for the ears, neither ever had ear problems, in fact due to the mutual cleaning fest they provided each other, they had to cleanest ears in town. It grossed many visitors out, but they seemed happy to keep each other groomed.
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