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Would you buy/own an undocked dobe??

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I am just enquiring as i'm sure most of you are aware docking is now banned in a lot of countries in Europe. I was curious to know if you'd still own the breed or would you move onto another breed?

sorry if this has been posted before.
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The ears I would love either way. But I still prefer the traditional c/d look. Having a docked tail is something that was a plus for me. But if it came down to it, I wouldn't turn my head on the breed that I love the most because of the way they are. I could adapt. I wouldn't like it at first, but their personality has a way of shining through. Some extra whippings and looks of love, and I would just be "beat" with admiration for them. :) Who needs coffee on a coffee table?:tongue23:
A lot of people find them more approachable with nat. ears. I get it all the time with Harmony being nat. They will shy from Asher and come to her. But she will also be mistaken frequently for a weim. like I have mentioned before. Not something that I care for.

I don't think I would ever go to a vet that charged high prices for crops because they felt that it was painful. What are they doing? The vets around here mainly don't do it bacause they aren't experienced and won't do the public an injustice to do a bad crop. They still appreciate a good crop and love the look and don't think if done right it is painful. My poodle hates having his ears cleaned. He will scream at times when they get bad. We clean them weekly. I won't stop doing it because he needs to have it kept up. Which do you think is more painful? A few years back I saw a nat. dobie in the vets office who got its ear caught in the chain link fence playing and tore it in half playing. He had to have it stitched together again. There are pros and cons to everything, and no side is completely right from the other side.
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LeighaG81 said:
Wouldn't it be opposite? I would think any dog with fur in it's ear would be LESS suceptible to potential infections considering the fur, just like eyelashes are suppose to keep dirt away from the eye???
My poms have erect ears and never have infections, I think my largest had one once but that was it. Maybe (like kim said) it's due to the fact that they are on a strict, hollistic food regimen and not crap food, but they all come from poor breeding backgrounds, that's for sure since they're all from pet stores or BYB's (rescues)
Actually the hair traps the dirt in the ear. Thats why my poodle gets a good plucking when he goes to the groomers. It helps to keep down the the dirt and makes it a whole bunch easier to clean. My dogs eat holistic food also, but when he is out rolling in the dirt like is his favorite thing to do and splashing in the water to make mud, you tell him it is all his breeding and food. I agree that some are more prone to infections given their bodies, but you have to take everything into consideration here.
I think it is more like the texture and thickness maybe? When I was younger we had an old english sheepdog with the same issues. Same coat texture. I think bottom line would be if there is a lot of hair in there, it needs to be cleaned more frequently.
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