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Although I really prefer a C&D Dobe, if a nat. needed a home, fostering, anything, I wouldn't hesitate. However, I would not seek out and buy an undocked Doberman. Unless the dog is older, ears are my choice and will be dropped even if I have to drive 200 miles to an experience vet. But, like I said earlier, if a nat. was in need, he/she'd be welcomed in my home.

As for cleanliness, cropped ears seem to get in dirt, but never infection. My Boxer and Doberman went crazy for a period of time and decided that digging a hole to China was a spectacular idea. I bet I went rhough a box of Q-Tips every month. Anyway, never had any experience with infection with a cropped dog, but my aunt used to have Beagles and (amoung other problems) had terrible ears.

Now to pain. Someone mentioned earlier that the vets in New England charge an arm and a leg for a crop because they believe it's painful. Not only do I think it's a rip off, as many other people said, but I think that statement is false. Although I bought my Dobe already cropped, I went through the whole experience with my Boxer and was bouncing off the walls from start to finish. Never scared or hurting when the stitches were still in, during the mid-process of taping, or when I started taping myself (didn't like the vet's method).

I think the banning of cropping and/or docking is rediculous. As many people said on here, it should be the owner's choice. And, as someone said already, I also fear that if widespread banning will only lead the idiots to take a pair of scissors to a dog.

Appearance of a cropped dog. Be it Dobermans, Boxers, Pit Bulls, Russian Black Terriers (super funky, I love 'em), or Great Danes I simply think they look much more regal. By removing the big ears you can see the head and jaw structue and it seems to elongate the neck. A nice crop never looks bad, IMO. Unfortunately, people cross the street to get away from my Doberman, too. Little do they know, he'll roll over to a Boston Terrier.
1 - 1 of 81 Posts
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