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Sounds like the Vets you know in New England arent worth a crap anyways if their gonna charge outrageous amounts for Ear Cropping just b.c they find it painful. If they believe its some horrible experinece they shouldnt do Crops period. But they want your money so that makes sense. You gotta do your homework before picking a Vet The best thing is to go a Reptuable Breeder. I think the choice to have Tails and Ears done should be left to the Owner. Dobermanns are so very Special and Unique that Banning Ear/Tails just takes away The idea of what they were Bred for *IMO*Its the Tradition the Look. A good Crop on a Dobe is Fantastic. Dobe/ Rott owners have more responsibility in a way I think then other Breeds. When someone sees a Dobe with a terrible Tape Job and so on that doesnt help or when that one Ear just wont stand for anything.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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