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"I have gotten kinda nervous to say anything these days, cause i have noticed sometimes people think its their opinion that counts and no one elses, and if you disagree then your a bad person."

Without getting political, I think that is a _major_ problem in America these days. People seem to have forgotten that honorable people can disagree without being disagreeable. Just because someone doesn't agree with my opinion doesn't make them a bad person, it just makes them wrong. (if I used smiley faces, I'd put one here. Being a Usenet veteran I usually use a <g>, which means I'm grinning, as in joking)

Your point is well taken and I agree with what you said. As long as no one here criticises me for leaving Karma's ears natural, I won't criticise them for cropping. I have my reasons for leaving them natural as I'm sure others have their reasons for cropping them. That being said, I would have a _large_ problem if laws were passed here in the U.S. to prevent docking/cropping.

I like my dogs cropped and docked but I respect those who don't. I agree with your post on respecting others opinions. My motto is to live and let live. As long as people come here with the best interest of their dogs in mind they should be able to have an opinion without having their heads handed to them.

Robin and Rex
1 - 1 of 81 Posts
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