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When we had our house built, the carpenter that did our entry way used plain 4x4 wood posts (though, I think they were pressure treated wood). At least your builder made an attempt to make them decorative with larger end caps. I had actually specified turned posts, so I had them replaced prior to closing. Since the turned posts are not pressure treated wood, they sit on top of metal risers. The risers allow water to drain away and keeps the wood from contacting directly to the porch. It's been 10 years so I guess our builder did that much right.

We have one of those swivel tie-out stakes sunk in the ground in the front yard. The only time Lena has jumped the four foot fence in our backyard was to be near my son while he was doing yard work in the front. One minute she was in the backyard whining, the next minute she was sitting next to him while he shoveled mulch. She just had to be close. Rather then tempt fate, we just tie her up in the front if that's where we are going to be. Velcro Dobe!
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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