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I am really bored and i was wondering how many female and male dobermans are on this site. LOL. Everyone post and tell us. Lets really see how many dobermans are here.

I have 1 trinity and she is a GIRL
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Lexus is a girl too. (that would be a pretty gay boy's name huh?)
Ava is a tom boy. :smile1:
We have Spirit (Male) Raven, Gypsy, and Iris all girls then TT and CC girl cats
the girls outnumber the men in our house..
My Baron guy has his harem of 2 girls, Kaya and Harley girl. Also our Tammy cat, female, but she pretty much does as she pleases and doesn't listen too well to Baron.
Lucy female sassy female and 2 blues male and female and hubbys dog is a female lol
Nikita is my "Delicate Flower" a little girl........
Roxy and Suzy are girls. Alex is a boy and my favorite but shhhhhhhhhh don't tell the girls, LOL.
Loki is a boy. My two ferrets, Rasputin and Anubis are both boys also.
Gracie.... Female. Although today she doesn't have the brains of a female or male so right now we are unsure of what she is. ;)
Just one spoiled dobie in this family...Apollo-male
I have:

Keeva- female
Winston- male
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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