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Wittrock Dobermans Contact

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Hey everybody! I am usually just a lurker here and am still new. So, hi!

I have been doing my research and have a really strong preference for Wittrock Dobermans. I would like to try and get in touch with Bonnie, however, I just tried to send my e-mail to the address on her website and it was immediately sent back to me. Does anyone know if she has a more recent e-mail address? Or perhaps my e-mail is the one to blame? Thank you guys!
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I believe there's a phone number on her site, you could just try to call and leave a message maybe.
Thank you for the reply! Although I just realized that there are two e-mails on her website and I, of course, chose the one that seems less likely to work. If I still can't get through to her by e-mail, I will give her a call.
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Good luck :)
[email protected] Give her a call if this one doesn't get thru. I've known Bonnie for years and currently have a wonderful girl from her. She had a late spring litter from Zaron and out of her Talon daughter. Don't know if or when she will have another litter. That might have been her last litter.
I inquired about future litters this summer. I received an email back from her saying that the spring litter mentioned earlier would probably be her last. She said it was time to do some travelling.
Aw, oh my, what a shame! She produces beautiful dogs, but good for her! Thank you for all the replies!
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