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wire crate assembly?

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Hey all,

First of all, my puppy, Dolce came home with me today. Very exciting times for my family and I :D

However, as some of you know, my friend has given me his old wire crate and it was completely dismantled when I got it. I'm not very sure how to put it together right now and I'm not even sure if there are any missing pieces. I have all the sides to the crate, but I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a long "Pin" of some kind that I should slide through all the loops? Or do all the sides just link together using the loops that are on it? I cant seem to latch them all together.

Any help would be great!
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YAY! puppy :) where are the pictures! :) well I dont know anything about wire crates...but someone else will Im sure :)
Can't help with the crate I'm afraid but congrats on the arrival of your new pup!
If you have the manufactures name and model number for the crate, you should be able to search online for that information.
Sounds like one of the types of wires where there should be long pins to go down the sides. The pins drop through the loops.
It sounds like my old crate. If it has loops that fit together on the corner then you should have 4 long post that would fit in each of the corners and I can't remember how the top went. I know the bottom had loops that you fit the bottom through and then lift the sides up. I wonder if you can buy replacement post. Unfortunately my old crate didn't have a manufacturer name on it and I ended up just replacing the whole thing because I couldn't find a new pan and divider that would fit it.
Yup, you need the drop pins, like everyone else has said. Those type of crates are too much work, I love the fold down ones much better. Less assembly and much easier to move around.
If you are in search of a crate at a good deal, go to feed stores or tractor supply stores, or craigslist, your newspaper, garage sells, or look for ads in pet stores.
You can buy replacement loops more than likely online if you need to do so.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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