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For whatever reason, no pet store within 100 miles of my home carries a single book about Dobermans. I love buying books about my animals and I have done so for all of them. But, for whatever reason, there are ZERO Doberman books to be found. I dont understand why but I'm beginning to feel there is some kind of underlying bias against them. I mean come on... Petsmart has books on Labradoodles but none on Dobies? LOL

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Yeah, it's aweful. And what books you might find just covers the basics. I found some great books on eBay. I LOVE eBay!
Oh I know what you mean.. give me a break.. even calendars on Mutt designer dogs.. dobermans must be the black sheep of the dog world... Ebay is the best by far.. has a great selection of books - that is where I buy most of my dog books.
I know what you mean. There is not a lot out there in our area either. eBay is ok but be careful as a lot of the books are old printings and some of the information is out dated. I think we are smarter today than we were 30 years ago. You might also try a book store. You should find a couple breed specifics on there.

If you do not have to have a "BOOK" per say then the educational materal from the DPCA is very good. Here is a link.

If you scroll down the page there is a list of what each packet includes.
I have all my books layed out as coffee table material.. people can come over and glance through books about the animals. I like that. :)
All of mine have dobe books-but they all seem to be the same book with the same info jsut with a diffretn cover. My mom found me some older dobe books when she went to a book sale somewere and I love the pics in it.

I would like a big all dobe coffee table book though-right now I have a couple all breed ones I like but of course an all dobe one would be best!
Thanx for the suggestions. I've wondered why Dobes are ignored as well - plenty of material on Rotties, but next to nil on Dobes.

If you want photos of Dobes, try
i know what you mean and isn't it upsetting?? the only pet store i was able to find a dobe book was petco. and it's been since then that they have my business!
on a slightly different note, piggy-backing on what you just said shai... i really dont like going to petco. i was hearing one of their associates talk about their "high end" dog food, etc,.. come to find out she was talking about science diet or iams or something.. LOL.. i had to bite my tongue.
I actually love the low dobe profile :) Have you checked a bookstore like Borders? I know Ive seen a couple very general books on Dobermans. But I like someones idea about ebay or amazon. Cause if your going to get a book on dont want the general information that is covered in most books that are mainly common sense. :)
also I know what you mean how petsmart carries that "Designer dog glitter collection" I mean GLITTER lol Come on!!! haha :(
If you don't mind used has some good buys.
I no longer give any of my buisness to Pet Co, or any of the large chain stores. I worked at Pet Co, I could tell you some horrible stories. I like to deal with the small Ma & Pop shops. They always carry the good stuff, and are willing to order what they don't.
plenty of material on Rotties,
but not enough.:rotate1:

Check at borders or another large book store, you may have better luck there.
I see tons on ebay and amazon if you are into online shopping. I reccomend Doberman Pinscher: Brains and Beauty by Joanna Walker Also if you have library access at any large university there are usually alot of books, we have a very large resource at the veterinary library here "on campus" and local libraries usually have them floating around (even if they are reserved or checked out).
I have some really cool books on dobes. My family bought them for me from a used book store, actually I think it was just basically one of those "this n that" stores, they're really old, but I find them so neat. So I check every used bookstore I find now. It's hit or miss, but they look so nice under my glass coffee table XD
I can relate to this! We have to ask the store to special order anything dealing with Dobes. It's annoying, but if we want it, we ask. They have all sorts of calendar's each year on some of the weirds breeds. But not a single one on Dobes. Drives me bonkers.

I was sure in the city next to us at Pet Smart they would have had at least something, but nothing. You never see them much in the Dog Anual meg either (think that's what it's called).

Dobe's are, I guess you could say "rare" lol. You know this because when you meet someone in your area with a Dobe you're surprised but instantly are connected by just your love for the Breed ;) That I like!
Here is a search result from Amazon for Doberman books. They're prices are very reasonable and I've never had a problem with Amazon for books.

These are the two books I bought from my local Borders bookstore:

To be honest, I didn't find either of these books helpful at all. I guess they were both too general - full of everything I already knew. I wish I could recommend a better one for you. Let me know if you find a good one!
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