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The dogs they had a meeting,
they came from near and far,
some they came by Greyhound bus,
while others came by car.

Before, inside the meeting,
they were allowed to take a look,
they had to take their asses off,
and hang 'em on a hook.

Once inside the meeting,
every mother, son and sire,
some dirty Doberman Pinscher,
began to holler, "Fire!"

They all rushed out, all in a bunch,
they didn't have time to look,
to see which ass belonged to whom,
as they grabbed one off a hook.

They got their asses all mixed up,
it really made them sore,
to have to wear an ass,
that they had never worn before.

And that's the reason why a dog,
will leave a juicy bone,
to go and sniff another's ass,
to see if its his own.

unknown author, c 1963

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lol, very cute :) of course it was a dobie
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