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whose dog was that?

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ok so in the other thread i brought up how it would be unfair to make rah hold a down at this point with a squirrel around, he would be guaranteed to break.

now, of course it helps that he has been running around ALL DAY at my bbq, playing with kids, in the sprinkler, you name it...

but rah held a 3 minute down stay WHILE MY RABBIT RAN AROUND THE ROOM IN FRONT OF HIM.

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Well, that's easy, Rah was abducted by aliens to obtain DNA markers for his 'super duper blue blur energy genes' and was replaced (very temporarily of course) with clone.

Don't worry, everything should be back to normal very shortly! ;)
Good for him :) Sounds like he had fun at your bbq!
That's very good.

Rah wants to please you more than he wants to get the squirrel.
But you know his big blue brain was chanting "Wabbit Wabbit Wabbit Wabbit" the entire three minutes!
OMG! Way cool! How did you do that? Cole got his CD, but it was all inside. No way would he hold any kind of stay with a rabbit or squirrel anywhere within eye, ear or nose-shot.
Heheheheh, I think that Sundobe is probably on the right trail :D

No way would Orson even dream of doing that............and he is NO WHERE near Rah's level of energy!
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