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doberkim said:
well, i didnt go LOOKING for a dilute - i went to the rescue and they brought out dobe after dobe after dobe... and what was the right dog for my household was a 10 month old male blue. i was HOPING it would have been an 8 year old black female, but alas - there went my hopes of the show puppy for the next 10 years ! but rah was everything i was looking for in terms of temperament and drive - and thats more important to me than color.

this guy had no color listed when i went to go get him - no one could tell, probably because they arent familiar with the breed, and lets face it - he has very little hair. but hes a blue too. it just so happens that i have two dilutes in my house - i dont care what color a dobe is when its in need, if i can help them, i will. purposefully breeding for something is a whole different ball game!

you guys are all just jealous of the blue buttheadedness in my house right now :)

My bad Kim, I thought I remembered reading something about it:) And I am totally jealous:tongue23:

He is totally handsome and I'm sure he's enjoying some much needed groceries!! What's up with his nose? Is it just mottled from exposure do you think? Can't wait to see the pics of him as he recovers!
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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