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If the whippets want an already occupied spot on the couch they just go plop down on top of the current occupant. This can make for rather large and deep piles. Cher however realizes that she is too large to just go over and plop down on the whippets. So she carefully eases first one foot, then the other...holds still and waits....then the next foot and finally the last...precariously perched on the very edge of the couch. She then assesses the situation and carefully finds footholds in amongst the bodies. Eventually she positions herself standing over the top of the offending dog(s). Then comes the long wait, usually looking to me for help. She's on her own. Fine. She very gradually starts lowering her body. Lower....lower....carefully coming in contact with the dog(s) that she so desperately wishes were not in the ONLY good sleeping spot in the entire house. She gradually increases the weight until the offending whippet(s) let out a muffled squawk of discomfort and wriggle out from underneath her. Aha! Victory! She then lets out a huge sigh if contentment and settles in. .
ROFL-our rescue girl, Dot, used to do this to the other dobermans ALL the time! One of the bitches here, Murrey, used to let her sit on top of her..Dot would literally regress back to her inner puppy when she was sitting on top of Murrey, the look on her face was priceless. The other dogs would get properly outraged, and move.
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