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Gunner said:
is my dog bad?

I tried to socialize him

he gives this deep bark at other animals but when he gets in their face he either licks it or sniffs or tries to play, or barks, only time he shows any aggression besidesthe whole food thing with my dogs is when another dog is being vicious an dall he does is stand tall

well... i wouldnt say he is bad... i would say he needs some training and more socializing to get over that... so he doesnt do it anymore... tasneem wont bark unless she hears barks and if a dog is standing in front of her they sniff to much or look ackward she will let out a low growl... it isnt aggression she is saying stop... and she does need some obedience to help her get thru this...

so i would suggest hun getting some obedience courses. :D hugs gunner
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