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A least once/month (sometimes 2x), we have little Trevor and sometimes his 3-legged sister Molly.
- for a weekend sleepover, if my son is away on company business

I love them coming over.
- but let me tell you / Trevor did get some "tough-love" training from his Da-Da / in the beginning
- now he listens like an angle / first to me, and skills transfered over to my wife
When my wife takes them home, the little ones...have such a "sad face" on.
- they get treated like "royals" & spoiled "****-less"
Early on, I used their introduction as a CHALLENGE (for me), to train the little monsters.

Now I am sad, when the little ones leave...because we love them dearly & they NOW listen, to both of us.
- part of the reason, YOU learn how to train Gunner privately / these universal dog skills, is like riding a bike

The IN-LAWS dog, is an opportunity for you & Gunner....just have fun with it...go with the flow.
- embrace the visit & "learn much" / change the "comfort zone" can do it & enjoy
- my family or close friends, would be welcomed to sleep in our spare bed (I would not have it any other way).
- if they bring a dog, so much the better...but, a cat can only tolerate so much

MARROW BONE TIME - Dad is now in babysit mode:

Later, after the marrow bones...were finished up:
- events are easy, if they are planned for...with open arms
- belly's full, time to rest with a good toy

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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