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wow- I think the monster in law needs her thyroid checked! Lots of aggression in there :)

Ha, we must have the same MIL. We don't visit each other anymore and I'm fortunate they are 2 states away. 2 months into my marriage she screamed into the phone that I was an Fing LYING "ho" - 6 months later sent hubby and I an 8 page letter describing all the things I NEEDED TO DO to fix my marrirage (we eloped and had a rough start admittedly) and a year ago I once again let bygones be bygones, invited her down to visit and she called me crazy and insert many more cuss-words in a screaming raging fit (picture 2 year old tanturm red faced and hands flying in the air)...10 years of that...I'm DONE. I don't trust what would come out of my mouth next time :) Yep she's a crazy ol' bat and life is too short to deal with that kind of crazy!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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