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Whats in a name

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Hello to everyone. I'm new to forums so you may have to bare with me. Anyways, I am picking up my pup this weekend, and extremely excited to do so, and need some name suggestions. She's blk/tan and I will definitely show in obedience and leaning heavily to schutzhund as well. But I cannot for the life of me decide on a name. This is pretty bad since I manage and am an obedience instructor at a boarding/grooming/training kennel and have seen and worked with thousands of dogs. I have a couple ideas but don't want to say them because I want new ideas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

PS: I have for weeks now been navigating this site and have received some valuable information so thank you to it's members.
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I was going to name mine Rayvne if I was getting a black and rust, but I ended up getting a fawn and rust and named her Maui. I had the name picked out before I got her and I can't imagine any other name for her now.
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