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Whats in a name

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Hello to everyone. I'm new to forums so you may have to bare with me. Anyways, I am picking up my pup this weekend, and extremely excited to do so, and need some name suggestions. She's blk/tan and I will definitely show in obedience and leaning heavily to schutzhund as well. But I cannot for the life of me decide on a name. This is pretty bad since I manage and am an obedience instructor at a boarding/grooming/training kennel and have seen and worked with thousands of dogs. I have a couple ideas but don't want to say them because I want new ideas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

PS: I have for weeks now been navigating this site and have received some valuable information so thank you to it's members.
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for me I had a name picked out before hand but the end result is a lot of times you just have to wait until you get her to see what her personality is like. Some people can have a name before picking up a pup and other not. I wanted to name my pup Kronos before I picked him up but once I did I felt like that name didn't fit him so I ended up with the name Odin instead. If I was getting a female I did consider the name Deja. Oh and the correct term is black and rust just thought you would like to know ;)
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Yes on the black and rust. Big mistake on my part. It was late and my brain wasnt working properly. Lol. Thanks and I kind of like Deja actually and do agree with seeing what fits. Btw your boy is beautiful!
Thanks he is quite handsome

I am excited for you, is your breeder cropping her ears for you? If not that is a sign that the breeder is not an ethical one that does not do exclusive health testing. Which in the long run can possible leave you in heartache.

If it is an ethical breeder than yay.

Just thought I would like to warn you because I to came onto this site before I was going to pick up my puppy and this forum informed me that I was not buying from an ethical breeder and in fact a BYB. It was my first time buying from a breeder and did not know what I was doing.

They informed me about the difference between the two and I made the responsible decisions to back out of getting the BYB puppy and surprisingly I got my deposit back, but I was ready and willing to not get my deposit back.

As much as I wanted to pick up the boy that I picked out I waited and found an ethical breeder and I tell you what it was a HUGE difference in quality and temperament.

If you are set on your decision then good luck to you and hope your girl lives a long healthy and happy life, I am just trying to pay it forward with what I was taught about the difference between BYB and ethical breeder.
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Thats so awesome : ) I can't wait to see pics. We have had a lot of people getting her lately getting puppies from byb and asking for advice then not taking it. Can't wait to see what you decide to name her. How many more days?
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Thats a cool name : )
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Well WE'RE HOME!!! Chopper (amstaff) and Ollie (yorkie) love new pup and she loves them. Especially Ollie being that he's the first thing smaller than her that she's encountered.

A little whining (not sure why her world just changed) but doing great. Played a while then spent an hour in crate with very little whining at first, went out and pottied, now back in and asleep. YEY!! She's set the bar high so hopefully this good behavior continues as far as crating goes.

Look forward to the morning to see how she's done overnight, fingers crossed. That is if we sleep through the night, fingers recrossed. Guess we will see.

Oh and it is Zara. Will post picks ASAP!
LOL no pics? those pics better be up asap ;)
I know I know! I have to get them transferred to computer and will tomorrow to show her off. She's a joy already. Again she's set the bar pretty high for herself.

I was at the breeders all day. It was between her and another female but it didn't take long to decide. The others a little longer bodied. Although the isabella male is georgious but I really wanted a female, and they are keeping a male and have a blk, red, and him and don't know which one they're keeping yet so won't let any go. Lol. I hope they keep the red because he may be one of the nicest and well-rounded pups I've ever seen. I think they are as they've already named him.
yeah if I wasn't interested in Odin the breeder was going to keep him as he was second pick but not by far. So when his adult teeth come in and everything checks out I agreed to let her show him. I am so happy for you and can't wait to see pics. And I know what you mean setting the bar high as Odin is a fast learner. I just posted a video of him doing some of what he know already.
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