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Hi, Having some trouble training Tazz.. (he hasnt had much outdoor training)
He's perfect in house, but outside gets distracted by everything, & pretty much wants to do his own thing..
He just seems to 'switch off' & doesnt use his ears at all..
A local trainer i went to gave a very rough, 'break his neck with a good yank'
approach.. which i didnt like at all, & neither did Tazz, but being as submissive as he is, he does take heed to it & do what u tell him.
(with a very sad face) however, there is no way i could keep doing that to him, Esp in public, its not gonna happen.
My OH's trainer, when she had her GSD aparently had this same approach.
So basicly im just wondering what methods you guys use, or find work well,
remembering he isnt 'mad' outside, just he doesnt listen very well..
Would be good to compare & get ideas anyway, Im at abit of a loss really..
Thanks for any replys :)
Tazz & Phil.

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I was thinking of a 'prong collar' - however i was alittle put off with the thought that, i want him to learn to heel with & without the collar.. Not just when he feels the collar go on.. Also i cant see it being very comfortable, If i put his choke chain upto his jaw (where u place the prong) he really doesnt like it, (although he mite get use to it if i had it there all the time)
Also - Main problem with him really, Is off lead work. He is ok for about a minute, (probably cause he doesnt realise the lead is off, as i calm him right down first etc) But then he just trotts off, & completely ignores me. & thats when we are alone, If theres other ppl & dogs about hes gone! lol
A. he is a doberman, many people would be scared of him running upto them or their dogs,
B. i have recently had a second knee operation, & cant run, so if it gets serious im abit helpless..
Which ends up being he gets pretty short bursts off the lead, to run, & then is back on everytime i see a dog or anything that may distract him.
Any good ideas for this? + i will be trying to find a 'positive reinforcement' training class for him shortly. but otherwise any ideas?
Thanks :)
- whats your opinions on E-collars? crossed my mind as the theory seems logical for distance corrections.. & aparently it doesnt hurt the dog on normal levels, (which is all Tazz would need) he is rather soft, lol Cheers :)
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