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Never take off the lead until all commands are down pat, I used a 30ft.nylon parachute type cord when training my Bouvier for his CD we would go to the tennis court shut all the gates then he would still be dragging the cord.Of course no one was playing tennis at the time just a good place to practice out side keeping the dog safe.I would think when you take off the lead too early every time he does not follow a command it is reinforcing the idea he does not have to mind you I would keep the lead on for a long,long time till he is doing everything with distractions around.
Has been a long time since I trained but starting a class 10/30/06 can you go to a class lots of distractions there.As for a pinch think of it this way would you rather be pinched or choked I myself would rather get a pinch,Choke chains in the wrong hands can cause tracheal damage where as Pinch collar the dog corrects itself you do not have to jerk it at all,I would never turn my dog over to another person to train the dog could not trust you again.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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