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Training outside vs training inside is two separate things. Even when you start out training inside, you have to train in every room of the house. Just because you can get poochy to sit in the kitchen, does not mean you can get them to sit in the bedroom. I'm not sure how much training you have done so far, but once you have completed the basics, you have to start adding distance and distractions to the routine.

For example, in basic class, you get poochy to sit. You are standing directly infront of them and they sit on command. What happens when you walk 6 feet away from them, doesn't matter what directions. They probably will walk over to you and sit directly infront of you. So working on adding distances to the basic commands will lead towards off leash control. Having poochy sit when you are 10 feet behind them and they are facing another direction is a goal. After you have the distances working nicely, you have to add distractions. You want poochy to think you are better than anything else around them. Other people watching, dogs walking by, sounds of children playing next door, those pesty squirrels gathering Brums for the winter. You want to be able to keep their focus or atleast being aware of your presence at all times. We train everywhere and anywhere. Any part of the house, inside or outside. I like training in town. I have put on a show more than a few times in front of Starbucks.

Also like it was mentioned, when working towards off leash, start with a longer lead. The 30 to 50 ft leads work well and of course in a safe environment. We have done a lot of training with my girl dragging that lead around the woods and in the training field. But if anything is better than me, I can stop her by just stepping on the lead to stop her. We went from training on a 6 foot lead, to a 30 foot lead to being able to have her in off leash situations with control. Of course I would alwayd be aware of your surrounding to make sure thing are safe for poochy
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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