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What is your doberman doing..... RIGHT NOW!

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ok so this might not turn out to be the most interesting post, but I thought of it and said, what the heck I'll give it a try.

Often times we come on the computer and visit dobermantalk, thinking of something your dobe did the day before or as a pup. This thread gives a live feeling to whats going on in all the other doberlives. Stop what your doing! Go find your doberman, when you have located him or her inspect what they are doing, come back to you the computer and type it out. If they happened to be doing something really intersting a minute or two ago, thats ok you can post that too. If they arn't doing anything special you can come back and post later. But the idea is it should be fresh in your mind, like "oh and now I know exactly what so and so's dobe was doing at that time!" (Ok I am pythetic but I don't have one so boo hoo you all have to share with me!!!)

oh and if he is sleeping or something maybe give us a little more, like oh he's in back, or curled up in circle.

Ok I'll do Strike..... Im back. He is upstairs laying down with his head on his paw listening to my brother and mom talking. He has the cuttest expression with his wrinkles up the way he is looking at me. Thats what Strike is doing right now!

So the question is, whats your dobe doing?
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Sittin' in his cage, tearing up a drumstick(all that's left of the chicken quarter!)
******* is out on the back deck chewing on her large marrow bone. Being quiet!!
Skyler just woke up a little while ago from taking a nap with my hubby. He let her lay on our bed, which we usually don't do. Anyway, I came in to wake them up, and she was on her side with her head on his stomach, both snoozing away. I didn't have the heart to wake them up, because it was too cute. Now, she is sitting beside me while I am on the computer. Well, I better go, she just brought me her squeaky toy and put it in my lap.
Sitting next to me on the couch while I'm on my laptop, leaning all 76 pounds on me. Ugh.
Kylee is playing with her stuffed Tigger. I am waiting for her to grab Tigger by the tail and fling him, wait, the other dogs just barked and she jumped over the baby gate to see what they were barking at. The jumping trick she started two days ago. I better sign her up for agility!!!
Dolce is on my bed behind me right now chewin on my clothes even though i told her not to twice already. She's so sneaky. Acts all innocent until I turn my head to type/read this post.
Rah is on theliving room floor finishing up 4 lbs of turkey. Tyler is out on the back porch eating his turkey frame.

Ooops, I spoke too soon. Rah is now cleaning up the remains of his turkey and now flinging the towel all over the place. Soon after, he will get his beloved tennis ball and start begging for me to play... (Tyler is still eating, but now he's on the grass in the backyard... hard to believe this is the boy that wouldn't eat ANYTHING for me for almost a month, and now he's chowing down on his raw turkey!)
Mensa's sleeping on the garage floor with Katie and Toby.

They're waiting for their pool to fill up.

Mensa's waiting for it to cool off here a bit so she can raise hell with the other three dogs in Her Pack.

(She doesn't know it, but in about an hour she's getting a b-a-t-h so she can go for a walk downtown tonight without her being mistaken for a pig)
Petey is playing with Brad and trying to get his chew stick back, suddenly he is barking at Brad and now he has been banned to the kitchen, gate closed....all in a span of 5 minutes, opps I just watched him OPEN THE GATE he lifted it up with his teeth, first time he ever did that! He is now after Brad who is on the computer, barking and going nuts! This puppy likes to play!

Soon he is going upstairs to bed!

Isabelle is sprawled out on the tile in the hall in front of the office door. She ususally sit behind my chair but I think she's hot and the carpet in the office isn't as inviting as the tile. We are waiting for the big thumderstorms that is supose to be coming. Which reminds me I need to get her to potty soon incase it actually rains!
omg thank you guys so much! I LOVED reading about all the things your dobes are doing, right as you type it. Its so real and in the moment, I can picture all the dobes and what they are doing!

Especially nice to read and calm down after what just happened. My post about the rant in the other forum.
Thanks again, really cheered me up!
Ok more....Petey opened the gate again....and some how got a basket and was chewing on it and Alec just took it away from him, and said...what the h... are you doing jerk? Now he has a squeaky toy between my legs while I'm on the lap top sitting in a gaming chair, now he is attacking Alec also in a gaming chair with the toy....ahhhh the fun never ends when Petey is in the house! 9:25 at night and he is still going strong...much like the energizer bunny....mind you he had a 1.5 hour hike this am and a 45 minute romp with his dog pals this pm! To add more.....he just took Alec....dumped all 6' of him off the gaming chair, and now Alec is laughing and biting! Ok I'm putting the brat to bed! Wish me luck!

Cuddling up trying to lay inside a golf ball box (thinking he's a cat maybe) on the couch why hubby marks his balls and I look up directions to the country club. Yea, that is what I'm doing. Actually, only his front elbow is in the box.
Late at night Buddy asleep in the crate nothing exciting,have to wait til they go to sleep to get on the computer.
Patches Mom
Sleeping in my parents room! its late! haha
Lucan is lying on the floor beside me chewing on hs Nylabone. We've been up since 5 a.m.-doesn't he know it's Saturday?! My days of sleeping in on the weekend are so over.
Blade is lying in his kennel trying to appear relaxed but we are fairly certian he is secretly developing his plan to take over the world and mass squirrel/stuffie genocide.:)
Nike is soaking up the beautiful weather on the deck... she's doing the little rabbit thing with her nose.. catching all of the wonderful scents in the air!
Petey is lying at my feet waiting..............and waiting..........and waiting...

To go for our HIKE!

Carol & Petey!
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