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Mishka melts readers' hearts

THE RSPCA switchboard went into meltdown yesterday as hundreds of animal lovers called wanting to adopt mistreated doberman Mishka.

The Herald Sun reported yesterday that Benjamin Gerrey, of Kilsyth, had been banned from owning pets for five years after being convicted of kicking Mishka, breaking her neck and four ribs.

Gerrey, 27, was convicted of two charges of animal cruelty in the Ringwood Magistrates' Court.

RSPCA senior inspector Lisa Weston said support from the community had been overwhelming.

"The switchboard has gone into meltdown with people wanting to support Mishka -- either wanting to adopt her or just to lend their support to the RSPCA inspectors," she said.

But despite potential adoptees lining up, Mishka must undergo further rehabilitation in foster care before being settled with a family.

"She had horrific injuries when she came in and they have healed exceptionally well," Ms Weston said.

"But she has had such a stressful start to her poor little life and she needs to learn to trust people again. She is very timid, she's very gentle.

"We are trying to build up her confidence a bit."

Ms Weston said RSPCA staff and volunteers, who have cared for Mishka for almost 12 months, have fallen in love with the doberman.

When Mishka is ready, she will be featured on the RSPCA website.

Ms Weston is hoping some of the kind-hearted animal lovers who contacted the shelter yesterday will consider adopting one of the other dogs available.

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