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Wish I had my camera for this one. Well it started as the usual trip to the dog park, Nikita wanting to play fetch instead of playing with other dogs.....ho-hum.....nothing unusual. Until I see her stop looking for the ball and walk over to the mud pit that developed due to the rain we had today. I thought to myself, "This is strange, I wonder whats she's doing." Well, she just layed down in the middle of the mud and stretched out. She decided to stay there. She did looked so relaxed stretching out in the mud......By the time I coaxed her back to me, about 5 minutes later, she was covered head to toe in brown, yucky, slimey mud. She was so proud of herself, that she went back and did it again........

Well, everyone watching thought this was hysterical, I actually too, since she never did this before......My little delicate flower is now a mud puppy....Sadly enough, I found a towel in the truck to get as much yuck stuff off and we went home for the day. Hooked up the hose and she got a bath in the back yard. She needed one anyway, but I was planning on doing this a better way.....Hopefully hosing off in the backyard at 55 degrees will make her think about not doing that again, but I don't think so.

Just thought I would share......
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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