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Just getting ready to head off to an agility show for the day, and even though Elsie isn't competing yet, I bring soo much stuff for her! It's insane!

Today we have:
- Water for Elsie
- Bowl
- Big cuz toy
- Little cuz toy
- Tug rope
- Sheepskin bite bar
- Udder tug
- Tracking harness
- Tracking lead
- Long line
- Regular lead
- Chew
- Crate + blanket
- Spare blanket
- About a million poop bags
- 2 containers of treats

For me:
- Lunch
- Rain coat
- Money for junk food
- Cellphone, keys, wallet

What do you pack for shows? And what venue are you competing in?

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I have a whole second set of stuff(bowls etc) that stays in the van. It still seems like a bunch of stuff to pack like suitcase for me(clothing dilemas), dog bed for hotel, dog food and water for both of us, snacks for both of us. I have a separate bag that has dog bowls and sheet for bed in hotel. No wonder I'm tired.

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Now that's funny. if you did agility, you wouldn't need the pepto.:)
If I did agility, I would need heavy duty painkillers, in addition to the Pepto. Trying to remember the course would be cause for the Pepto, and running the course would be cause for the painkillers. :D

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Lets see, my list generally goes something like this:

GPS (new toy, will use for "dog tavel" first time next week)
entry information
copy of her rabies certificate (with microchiop info written on it also)
harness for Ilka to wear in the car
crate with towel
water bowl and water
spare leash
spare collars
snacks for me
basic first aid (asthma med., tummy crud stuff, bandaids, etc.)
doggy bags
jacket for me (if I forget, it will be freezing at the show site)

If we are spending the night in a motel, I take along these extras:

motel reservation info
towel for her to sleep on at the motel
food and her food bowl
clothes and toiletries for me (won't bore you with the details)

As always, cell phone and purse full of stuff.

Please note that I put Ilka at the top of the list. I wouldn't put it past me to load everything up, pull out of the driveway, and realize I don't have the dog. :lol2:

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We do search and rescue.. my list might be crazy :D

Crate, blanket and kong for the car/waiting

On Callie:
Booties and coat for the winter!
Harness/work vest
long lead 30'

In my pack:
regular lead 6'
flat collar
water for the pup
two flat folding bowls for the pup
dog first aid kit
people first aid kit
more water
water tablets (to make other water potable)
dog food and treats
people snacks, and two MRE's (army style meal)
flagging tape
duct tape
Small tarp
glow sticks
signal mirror
pocket knife
100ft of paracord
2 large ponchos (for shelter building!)
pack of zip-ties
extra socks
extra gloves
extra jacket
extra wool cap
extra dog booties
dog rain layer
water proof matches
fire starter gel
cotton balls and lighter fluid
small baggie of dried tinder
map! (really important.. lol)
Spork (YES! need.)
paper towels
wet wipes/baby wipes
Callie's favorite wubba squeaky toy
TP (eek.. can't forget that)
extra gallon ziplock bags
two garbage bags
ultralight backpacking sleeping bag
survival blanket
extra cash, and some change

I might be missing things? I don't want to tear apart my pack to look, this is off the top of my head, haha. Basically, its everything I would need to survive out on my own for up to 48hours. :)

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I run Agility with Jones, and this is what I typically pack, I am sure there is stuff I am forgetting

Normal Pack Gear For Jones
- Gallon of Water (half frozen then fill with cold water in the morning, then it last all day)
- Go Dog Powder (in a ziplock baggy)
- (If Hot) Cooling Pads
- (If Hold) PJ's/Coat
- 2 travel bowls (Water/food)
- Bite Wedge toy
- Bite Sleeve
- Long line
- Regular lead
- Regular Collar (with all tags Name/Number/Rabies/Microchip)
- Collar with NO TAGS (Agility Collar)
- Copy of Proof of Rabies
- Crate + cotton bed (that white fluffy bed)
- Towel
- About a million poop bags
- A Bag of Treats
- Pet First Aid kit with the basics in it
- Entry confirmation email

For me:
- Snacks
- Big Water Jug
- Money for junk food
- Cellphone, keys, wallet
- Camera
- Camcorder
- Agility Trial Book (Agility Journal)

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after showing for years and multiple times, really i can bring a lot or a little depending on what i need.

when i show in agility, it depends a lot on if i can crate out of the car or inside. if i am crating out of the car, literally all i need is berlins leash (she can tug on that), and treats.

similarly, if i am showing rah and its a tiny show, i bring: articles, gloves, string cheese and db. he also has a real leash and a slip leash because i show on a slip, but i bring him into the ring for stays on a real leash.

that being sad, my car is permanently equipped for shows most of the time. i have bowls and water, 3-4 crates and dog beds in there (i dont heavily dog bed them at shows beacuse they will destroy them in frustration). i also have a copy of their rabies in the car, and my own bag normally has extra rah medications. i always have my chair, extra blankets, and soft crates that live in the car. and emergency tennis balls, a chuck-it, and frisbees :)

my training bag comes but normally lives in the car so its always there - has 3 db's (i actually always have extras), 2 bags of scent articles, extra gloves, extra collars and leashes (training/slip/heeling and 2 flexis), 2 go out toys for rah, and a few tugs (leather, jute, and riot stick). also extra clickers, a copy of the akc ob rules, a cheat sheet on the orders in the B classes, and my emergency: saline for my contacts, chapstick, and silver nitrate sticks for rah when he rubs his toenails down to nubs.

if i am keeping dogs inside - rah has his big crate and then blankets to cover him beacuse he's crate aggressive.
f i can, i actually keep berlin in an expen instead of a crate.

i dont water my dogs at the shows most of the time they get it after they show or at home, but my dogs are used to not having it (unless its summer/outside - they they get it). most of the time my dogs wont even drink when they are on the road.

if we are travelling further or overnighting, rah meds and dog food and dog toys/chews for the room, as well as electronic collars for exercise. i need toys in the room and chews to keep my dogs occupied because they are crazy. i dont crate in hotel rooms, unless i have a group of dogs that dont get along. and overnights mean i always bring a full medical bag, but mine is excessive ha ha.

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I don't have to travel far (1 1/2 hours) to training, so my list is for day excursions only.

Lets see...
-2 dogs
-Vari crate for Hans
-Wire crate for Diego
-2 towels
-paper towels (Diego gets car sick every now and then)
-2 flat collars on the dogs
-2 regular leashes
-long line for retrieves and tracking
-long line (10 ft) for the puppy
-12inch tab for obedience
-spare pinch
-fur saver
-e-collar if we stop for a run on the way home
-training dumbbell
-trial dumbbell
-tracking articles
-agitation harness
-large pack of hotdogs
-water bowl
-2 gappay balls
-jute roll

For me:
-tracking boots
-regular shoes
-camera (sometimes)

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I keep a soft crate, food and water dishes and a bag that goes into the hotel at night with dog supplies (toys, benadryl, immodium, etc.) in my car at all times. I also have a "dog show suitcase" that's always packed and ready to go. When I get home from a show, I wash those clothes and repack them right away. So all I have to do to get ready to leave is pack up some dog food, buy some bottled water, and we're off.

To the show itself, I take a soft crate, a chair, a flexi leash and poop bags. Maybe a wetdown coat. If I remember it, a camera. That's about it. Like DR, I travel light, although I don't travel with beer. :)

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I am looking forward to the day I need to remember stuff like dumbbells and utility articles. Hey, a person can dream, right?

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you should see the really cool handpowered blender i have for making margaritas!

and since i do not drive...drinking them is not a problem while i watch all you guys running around with your dogs.

i used to always bring a grooming table with me, it was a handy thing to have, easy to fold and pack, not too heavy..................good for sitting your margarita on too.

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