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I'm a first-time doberman owner...Gimli is 5months old and we have been posting his ears since we got him at 11weeks.

I know it is recommended that we keep posting his ears until he's done teething (and for an additional week after you think they're done), but I have no idea what a "finished" standing ear should look/feel like. When we take the posts out, his ears stand great when alert, he folds them back when he's relaxed.

Should the ears be rigid all the way to the tips? Or do they sometimes have a bit of bounce at the tips when they run around?

Should there be any flare to the tips of the ears? Gimli's kind of bend toward each other (not the whole ear leaning, just the tips kind of bend inside-out, if that makes sense).

I've added a couple of pictures for reference. Sorry they're a bit phone's camera isn't that great.Any insight would be super helpful! thanks in advance!


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