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What age do i switch to adult food?

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My male doberman has just turned a year old. He is approximately 35kg (75 pounds). Is that a healthy weight for him at this age?

He is currently still on puppy food. People have different views on when to switch him to adult food. I am a bit confused because most people are saying i should switch to adult food now, however if my dog is still growing then should i not switch to adult food when he is 2 years old? Any help with be appreciated.

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Okie-dobie said:
Some people never put their dogs on puppy food only adult food. And by doing this their puppy does not grow super fast, just slow and steady. So switching now is not a concern at all.

We had Jada on Puppy food for one bag. Once she went thru that on to adult food. We felt that she might be growing too quickly. She has been on adult food for some time and is doing just great. She turned 5 months old. I think switching your dog to adult food now is quite acceptable.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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