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What age do i switch to adult food?

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My male doberman has just turned a year old. He is approximately 35kg (75 pounds). Is that a healthy weight for him at this age?

He is currently still on puppy food. People have different views on when to switch him to adult food. I am a bit confused because most people are saying i should switch to adult food now, however if my dog is still growing then should i not switch to adult food when he is 2 years old? Any help with be appreciated.

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I think that whether his weight is good depends on how he looks to you. Can you see a definite waist on him? If you feel around his ribcage can you feel his ribs? If so, then he's probably OK at that weight. If you can't feel his ribs or he doesn't have a good waist when you look down on him, then I'd get some weight off of him. At any rate, I'd get him off of a puppy food and either start a high quality raw diet or get him onto a premium "all life stages" food from a company like Natura or Solid Gold or Timberwolf Organics

Molly is almost 16 months now and she's around 68-70 lbs, but she's also lean for her height (27.5 inches). We raised her on a "all life stages" food instead of puppy food, so switching foods because of her age was never an issue. We're starting to rotate her onto a grainless food now, but that's just to get her started into a regular rotation of foods, not because of her age.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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