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What age do i switch to adult food?

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My male doberman has just turned a year old. He is approximately 35kg (75 pounds). Is that a healthy weight for him at this age?

He is currently still on puppy food. People have different views on when to switch him to adult food. I am a bit confused because most people are saying i should switch to adult food now, however if my dog is still growing then should i not switch to adult food when he is 2 years old? Any help with be appreciated.

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Usually pet food companies will tell you to switch to adult food a 1 year of age, but for most animals, this is too long - especially if the dog is already spayed or neutered by then.

After spaying/neutering, the animal's metabolism slows down and they will gain excess weight if fed too much or a high-fat food (which puppy food contains lots of fat and calories).

It wouldn't necessarily hurt the dog to be on puppy food until a year of age, just as long as he is not overweight. But yeah, I agree with what the others said, you should go ahead and switch him over.
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