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We're back....

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We got back yesterday from our week long trip to Disney World. My husband works overseas for the government and flew in to meet us. It was wonderful to be a family again for a week, but very hard to leave and put him back on that plane :( Anyways, I picked up Gunner today from the boarding place. He had a blast!! I was VERY impressed with the owner and she is even going to help me post his ears because he's developed pockets. She's owned dobes for over twenty years so I felt great leaving him with someone who knew the breed so well. She said that Gunner played GREAT with the other dogs and had no issues at all. He made friends with a great dane puppy and they hung out most of the time and got along great. The owner also competes with obedience trials so she may become our trainer at some point. Anyways, we had an awesome vacation and Gunner apparently did too. He's been passed out in a coma ever since bringing him home :)
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OliviaB - that's wonderful news - spend time with the hubby and you really found a great place for Gunner.
- so nice he found a best friend in the Dane pup and you found an awesome dobe person and OB trainer
Sums up to be a pretty good week...thanks for sharing story.
- any pics of Gunner at the boarding place & Disney World (would be nice)
(its been 15 years since our family was at DW in FL...and space mountain broke, while my son & I was on the ride / sure looked different with the lights on for 45 minutes, while we had to walk off the shut down by team of computers / 24 hour car ride, from Canada...that part I don't miss)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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