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We're back from Camp Dogwood

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Hi all. Well we are back from camp dogwood.. We had a blast! The cabin we stayed in was Ok.. 2 twin beds, a closet, and a sink. the bathroom was shared. It was comfortable for as long as we were there. the camp was great. Large fields that the dogs could run off leash on. some of the things we did, Lure coursing (Spirit's favorite), Agility (Spirit and Raven other favorite) Flyball (Spirit not impressed) Costume party and play( Was a blast)
Beach( dogs loved it but too cold for Mom and Dad to play in) Tracking,
There were so many other things to do and so little time.. The camp food was good and everyone was so friendly.. We even met another Doberman and are going to keep in touch with.( I told her to join our forum) We will defintely go back.. I will be posting photos in the Gallery and telling more about our trip later in this post.. some very funny stories!!!
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:roflmao: Ha, ha, very funny picture, I am glad you all had a great time and it sounds like a wonderful place!!!
Oh what a cute pic! I want to go there!!!!! That is so cool. Pics, Pics Pics!
Uh oh- is that spirit that has her bikini top on backwards :)!!!!!! LOL!!! Glad you guys had a great time!!!
No Spirit got to go as a lifeguard..I tried to put Raven's top on right but it would not work.. I am posting more photos this morning..

Here I am with Raven to do a couple of tricks on stage
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Duh, Spirit is a boy, hopefully he didn't have the bikini on!! Raven's grass skirt is adorable!
Hahaha, that pic is sooo cute, can't wait to see more!
What a brilliant idea that camp is! I wish i had the money to start one in this country,i reckon i would be a rich man in the summer time.
Cute pics. Sounds like it was all sorts of fun. I want to go to something like that. I love the costumes.
Love those pics....Spirit and Raven look Great!!! Glad you guys had a blast!!
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