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WebMD Highlights Dog Breed Health Problems

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Just thought this is something those of us here would like to see considering how much we promote good breeders for healthy dobermans (and any other breed!) We launched our pet section a while back, and it's been slowly gaining popularity. They added a new slideshow recently that highlights some of the most common health problems in some of the most popular breeds. Slide 10 is the doberman with DCM. They recommend the health screenings and stuff that have been preached on here like crazy (as they should be)
Dog Breed Pictures: Health Problems of Labs, Bulldogs, Beagles, and More

The promo for the slideshow on the main page also shows a doberman :)
I know the designer who did it and she loves Dobermans as much as the rest of us. I used to work on promos and I always tried to sneak them in myself lol. Glad to see she's carrying on that tradition, haha.
Dog Health Center | Dog Care and Information from WebMD

Just thought I'd share. Considering how trusted WebMD is for health info, it's nice to see stuff like this pop up on their to further bring it to light and why it's so important.
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I love the photo of the Doberman in your first link!
I love the photo of the Doberman in your first link!
I know! They choose a really great one.
It made me think "I want one of THOSE". And then I remembred I have one waiting for me at home LOL I forgot cause that dog looks so regal, and mine is such a spaz.
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