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wavering on Sherman's ears...

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I just cant decide... I am starting to think I like the look of them natural...
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How old is he? The general accepted time frame for cropping by experienced breeders is 7 - 12 weeks. Once you get beyond 12 weeks, most good breeder recommend against it.

I personally would rather see natural ears than a bad crop. This is why good breeders have the cropping done before the puppies ever go to their new homes. The average puppy buyer is not in a good position to find a good vet to crop, get it done AND take care of them afterwards........... all within about a 2 week period.

As much as I love a beautiful cropped Doberman, I would never judge you for NOT having your puppies ears cropped.
i just like how he looks now..
and he will look less intimidating..
I have one with cropped and one without and I love them both! I didn't have a choice mind you... I think if I did have a choice I would stick to natural, they are so fun and cute!!! Zoe's ears constantly make me laugh. :pinkie:
What can you respond to this onther than it is just a personal preference.

In Europe they are so use to the natural ears that you know it is a Doberman because that is most of what you see. In the US many people do not recognize a Doberman with natural ears.

What does this mean? Not a thing, as what matters is what you like, want or think. Your pup is still a Doberman no matter what you do. It will not change how much you love your pup nor will it make it smarter or dumber.

Personally I like the crops. I hate the short pit style cuts and the REALLY long cuts to me look a little comical. But that is my personal likes and dislikes and should not influence what you want. There can be problems with crops and sometimes they just will not stand but that is pretty rare now days. Posting is a bother but something you have to do if you want them to stand.

In the end this has to be your choice. I would start going through the members gallery and take a good look at the photos. We have several members over the pond so you can get a good look at the different looks.

Good luck with your delima.
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When my husband and I were on our way to pick up our boy we had decided to crop. I called the vet and made an appointment. On our way home my husband looked at me and said "We are not cropping his ears". I love his natural ears, but I also really like cropped. There is not a right or wrong answer. You have to decide what you prefer.
Isabelle has natural ears - the vet we used at the time she was a pup only cropped ears for people w/ show dogs. So it never really was an issue. I like them both ways. Isabelle is very expressive with her ears and holds them in some silly positions sometimes :) Either way he'll still be very handsome :)
I personally would rather see natural ears than a bad crop. This is why good breeders have the cropping done before the puppies ever go to their new homes
I agree with Velmadobe...cause once they are done...thats it. You get what you get and then you have to post and repost until they stand...if the breeder didnt take care of the ears before they went to their homes I personally would just leave them natural...but its up to you :)

and i love cropped or natural ears whatever feels right for you and your dobe :)

its just alot of work once they are cropped...Duchess's breeder took care of duchess's ears...and even was around to repost them on a weekly basis for us....and i still found it quite a bit of work
I love floppy ears, but of course it is a personal decision. Bumpy's ears crack me up daily, they are very expressive natural to me.
It's a hard decision. I wavered with Chi for quite some time. Obviously I decided against cropping and am happy with my decision. I love her ears :)
The best part of natural ears (imo) are frisbee ears :)
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Haha frisbee ears! That's great!

OH, anyway. I had Sade's ears cropped a little late, and her ears are absolutely beautiful when they're both standing. I'm still posting! But god love her heart she's allergic to the tape, to the adhesive and they bother her so much. If I had knew that then I would have left her natural. But I just wish she didnt have to go through it. That's just what happened to me. I know that really doesnt help you at all, but I cant really tell you that you should do this or that. I guess it all depends.

The reason I chose to do Sade's ears was because I thought she would look really pretty with a nice medium crop (and she does) and the fact that she had HUGE floppy ears and where she was a blue she looked like a Weimereiner (sp?) haha.
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