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Watch dog age

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When does a male Doberman pup learn to be a watchdog Buddy is 8 months old now.The other evening Patches 7 Gizmo were outside Buddy was in the house in his crate we had a Pizza delivered when they knocked on the door no bark??? We recently lost two of the neighborhood dogs a Shepard/wolf mix & a Rottie they were both very old.Hoping Buddy will bark when some one is around just do not know when??? He does bark some when in the back yard though just wondering if he will bark in the house. When we first got him he would bark when some one came to the door for about the first week then he has stopped??? Of course now Patches barks when she is in the house & some one comes to the door she learned from Buddy barking that 1st week.
Patches Mom
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I got Ronin when he was already an adult, so I'm not sure about him.

My female, Ilsa, was protective from Day One. She cornered an intruder at 5 months of age. However, she's almost over-territorial... she's constantly vigilant and loves to bark at possible "bad guys"... even if it's just an old lady or a bunch of leaves being blown by the wind.

Ronin is quieter and doesn't bark at deliverymen or door knockers, but he protected my property from a downstairs neighbor who broke in to "borrow some milk" - she apparently closed the door before he got to her, but he jumped a 4" baby-gate and hit the door snarling and barking just as she heard him coming and closed the door... he went from snoozing on the couch to Instant Guard Dog in less than five seconds.
Could be he is the silent type and knows that if someone knocks then they are not a threat,never underestimate a dobes reasoning process, they think on their feet! He may just surprise you one day, but lets hope he never finds himself in the position where he feels he needs to threaten someone and his mere presence is deterent enough.
I wouldn't worry so much. I think these guys just have a good judge of character and great timing! Chi hardly ever barks when somebody knocks on the door - Petri, the Chihuahua barks enough for both of them! But, not too long ago, I had the chain on the front door but must have forgotten the deadbolt, somebody tried to open the door. I wasn't able to sleep and was walking down the stairs around 3 in the am, the front door was right in front of us at the bottom of the stairs. Chi was beside me (like every good and true Dobe, she is my constant shadow). The door opened a crack, she flew past me screaming and hit the door hard. Whoever it was took off, I grabbed her collar and opened the door but it was dark and I didn't see anybody. She was on guard and paced for about 30 min but then was fine and crashed out beside me on the sofa.
I live right across the street from the base NCO club, pretty much all of my neighbors have stories about one drunk guy or another stumbling into their house thinking they were home. Heaven help me if I ever forget to put the chain on or lock the door and some poor drunk schmuck thinks to stumble in here!
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Heaven help them if they come through the door uninvited!!
Orson is 8 months old, He already does the "watch dog" thing. It is very cute to watch. I have to admit I use it to my advantage, sometimes the little brat just won't leave me alone when I am trying to do something (write, read, talk on the phone......) so I will say, (in a whispery voice) "Orson, who is it? Who's out there?" Then he starts "the patrol". This involves standing very still for a moment with ears perked, then a room by room check, a peak out each window (where available), and then he usually starts over, just once for a double check of his first oppinion! Now understand that we have a big family (5 kids) and our house isn't small (13 rooms) so this usually gives me at least 5-8 minutes in which to finish my task. (I know, bad mommy, bad mommy) but hey, it's good practice for him, right??
Hehehe, bad mommy! (Just kidding...Im just jealous) It would take Rommel all of about 2 minutes to search my house.

Both of mine are pretty "on guard" if they hear a noise. Even the little puppy!!! She loves to run to the door barking, she thinks that is the coolest thing ever. Rommel wasnt like she is though, I didnt even hear him bark for a long time, then one day I was cleaning the glass windows by the door, and it made a noise, and off he went barking. She on the other hand is sitting right next to me trying to kill everything on my bookshelf and barking at it.
Listen if someone is bearing food, Java will lead them to the family jewels! She startled me with her 'big guard dog' bark when she was about 8 mos old - until then she didn't really react to the FedEx guy, but then suddenly out came this low growl and a warning bark, the hackles even stood up on her shoulders. I was so proud! (hehehehe)

The charcter judgement is dead on - as long as we give the 'stranger' approval, then they are welcomed into 'her' pack. I think if she sensed that I was nervous or upset or threatened in any way, then heaven help them!

This past August she cornered a cricket in the corner of the family room - ears were up and the low growl was following by several short barks. She was on high alert - didn't matter that the 'intruder' was just an insect. She wanted me to know that the perimeter had been breached. Good to know that when she reacts this way that there is a reason for it and she's not just barking out of boredom. And isn't that the reason I chose this breed in the first place??
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Watch dog is the term I like best, because they seem to watch everything. My little delicate flower started showing signs of this about a year old, but they really did not become apparent until she was 2 years old. She is really territorial around the house, inside and out. She needs to be checking out things on a regular basis. She doen't bark at the door bell unless we aren't coming fast enough to see who it is. It like she needs to tells us someone is at the door. When we go to the door, she just doing her circling around until we open it.

At around a year old, a friend off mine came over and walked into my basement door without being let in by me. Even though Nikita knew him, prior they were best of buds thing, she went into intruder alert and stopped him a few feet in the doorway. The growling, snarling, showing him her pearly whites, sorta of thing. I had to get him to go back out and I let him back in and Nikita was fine with this. She greeted him with a wiggly butt and showering him with kisses. She knew who was supposed to be in the house and who should not be. Not to say, he was a little unnervered by the whole ordeal.

They will turn it on when needed, other wise they are the goofy, bouncy bundle of joy we come to expect. I did a really stupid test about a few months ago, just to see how far my girl will take it. Lets say I came to terms that I might have to go to the hospital after this test. With the help of Mrs Kratty, even though she thought I was so stupid to do this, She took Nikita out for a regular out trip one evening. I was hiding in a darkened part of the yard as they came out. Once I started to make my way to them, while still in the darkened area, Nikita caught noticed and immediately went into intruder alert. Growling, barking and snarling, she honned in on me. Now the really stupid part, I had Mrs Kratty drop the leash. Nikita immediately ran at me, like the dobermans we see in the movies. She got to about 6 feet from me and just stopped and continued to bark and growl. Each time I moved, she postioned herself between me and Mrs Kratty and continued to warn me not to come any closer. Now that was intense. After a few minutes of pressing my luck, we stopped this once I called out her name and she recognized me. So the guard dog tag fits very nicely to me. She didn't attack immediately, but gave me a very intense warning in this situation.

I really think this guys will rise to the situation was necessary and when the need presents itself. Its like having two dobermans in my family, the goofy affectionate one that loves to cuddle with me on the floor and my guard dog. Watch for the subtle signs of the protectiveness they exhibit, its there. Just because there aren't signs of the guard dog present at all times, doesn't mean its not going to happen. They seem to knew when they need to turn it on.
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TracyJo said:
I wouldn't worry so much. I think these guys just have a good judge of character and great timing! Chi hardly ever barks when somebody knocks on the door - Petri, the Chihuahua barks enough for both of them!
Of course, worry works! Most of the things we worry about never come to pass. It is the same way with our Chihuahua, Chester. The rule of thumb around here is if Chester is barking, we pretty much ignore it. If Lena is barking, we go to see what is going on. If Lena is growling we run to see what's the matter.

My biggest concern is passing the WAE We have another five months before Lena will be old enough to test. What happens on home turf is very different then out in the world.

Though, the bottom line is, we got Lena as a companion first and at that she excels. Yes, we would love her to be everything in all arenas, but then there is reality.

ps4570 said:
Of course, worry works! Most of the things we worry about never come to pass. It is the same way with our Chihuahua, Chester. The rule of thumb around here is if Chester is barking, we pretty much ignore it. If Lena is barking, we go to see what is going on. If Lena is growling we run to see what's the matter.

What is it with Dobe and Chi's? They just seem to go together, don't they?
A Dobe named Chi when you own a Chi gets confusing sometimes though LOL.
Thanks to everyone that has posted after having Bouvier's 20 years I sorta got to know how they reacted my last one saved my butt from being mugged.I guess Buddy is a little young yet as his breeder put it a couple of weeks ago his head is not connected to his body yet.Guess they stay goofy a very long time.
patches mom
Baine is a little over 4 months and when he's at the house he'll bark at everything that's outside his yard, but once he's away from the house, he's a very soiciable dog. I'm trying to get him to not bark at every single thing or percieve every thing as a threat, as I don't want friends getting intimidated by the dobie when they come over.
Omg, FiFi almost scared me to death the other night. I'd left the flashlight on the walkway and when we walked back to the front door she started barking, raising her hackles (sp?) making me jump and look around... goofy girl.
Kilo at 4 1/2 months will bark with his puppy bark when in the crate or out back and wanting back into the house. He recently developed a loud deep bark when he senses a stranger has entered the house or is at the door. I recently recall someone on here telling me that was a bad thing as he shouldn't be doing the watchdog thing at such a young age and needs to be socialized more?
Give me the quiet one any day, they are usually the very, very serious ones.
Linda H said:
Give me the quiet one any day, they are usually the very, very serious ones.
LOL, there's a saying: "A good dog doesn't talk with his mouth full".
Toro will bark at certain people, and ignore others. I guess he selects those whom he perceives as possible threats. To my surprise, he did NOT bark at the mailman the other day as he came by. However, I don't know if he would've done the same if I weren't around. These dogs are really in tune with their master's "energy", so if I didn't perceive the mailman as a threat, he didn't either.

He never barks at people I myself allow into the house (or the yard). He sees that as making them "ok". If you have truly cemented your position as the "alpha" in the household, your dog will respect your judgement.
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