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was lookin through all the ads on craigslist for dobermans...

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And found this pair....I am interested in knowing why there ears look like that? It does not look normal to me.....and its just a pathetic ad, i bet they were breeding those dogs....two handsome Dobermans need new home
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They look like that because they were badly cropped and badly posted (or not posted?). I would imagine they got that way from being taped one to the other at the top of their head. I've seen it from time to time.
In my newbie and probably wrong opinion, it looks like cropped ears that are not standing.
I know it looked is why i was wondering...if you cant do the cropping right i dont think you should do it at all
The CraigsList ad says the dogs were "adopted". If these dogs came from a reputable rescue, the owner probably signed a contract requiring the dogs be returned if they no longer want them.

Would you call the advertiser and find out where these dogs came from and ask them about the terms of the adoption contract? And maybe you could contact the rescue and give them a heads-up, if applicable?

Such a shame they didn't research the breed and its needs before getting two of them.
they look like siblings, cropped but not posted so ears not standing.

I hope they find their loving, forever home.

Hugz to you two Dobies!
Just an FYI, I contacted Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue who informed me they are aware of the situation. The dogs appear to have come from a public animal control facility.

I hope these two find their forever homes.
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I would get them, but I do not think i could handle two dobermans. :emo10::emo10: i feel bad i do hope they find a wonderful home
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I would get them, but I do not think i could handle two dobermans.
Why not contact the advertiser and ask if they're looking to place the dogs together or separately? (As for the "rehoming fee", IMO it shouldn't be more than what the local county animal control facility charges.)
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