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Just thought people here might like to know the Upstate Doberman Club of NY is holding a UDC show first weekend of July, entries close this Friday. Your dog does not need to be registered with UDC to participate (although you'll have to register them to obtain/finalize a Ch title). FCI, AKC and CKC (Canadian) registrations are all acceptable to enter.

UDC showing is a really lovely venue, no matter your level of experience or quality of your dog because you get a written judge's sheet with your dog's attributes, the official show rating and the judges will read their commentary out loud about each dog's strengths (and some of their faults too).

UDC classes are Baby (3-6 months old) Puppy (6-12 months old) Youth (12-18 months) and Youth (18-24 months) followed by Open, Working (dog has to have an eligible working title), Performance (dog has to have an eligible performance title), Veteran and they also have an Altered class.

Double handling is allowed, just like in FCI showing.

They are also holding a DPCA WAE if you're looking to get a WAC on your dog!

And all UDC shows have an age appropriate Temperament Test - Puppy Temperament Test (PTT), Youth Temperament Test (YTT) and Adult Temperament Test (ATT) (as they need to pass it in order to obtain a CC). The TT entry is free with a conformation show entry. If you want to do just the TT you also can with a separate entry. It doesn't require any special type of training

It's a great, relaxed, friendly atmosphere my experiences have always been good when showing UDC, so I'd strongly encourage people to go out, try something fun and new with their dog. And if you get a new title, your breeder will be proud ;)
Link to the Premium
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There's also a Zooza form.

I wish I could go (I so badly want to go) just sadly cannot afford it right now with the cost of gas. Y'all need to go so I can live vicariously through you lol
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