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Some microchip companies have procedures for transferring microchip registration for animals "processed" by animal control facilities, animal shelters, or rescue groups. Have the shelter contact the Customer Service department to ask about how this can be done.

Once the 'chip has been transferred to the agency, some agencies will require the 'chip to remain registered with them for a minimum amount of time before transferring it to the adopter. Some agencies retain registration and will not transfer the 'chip to the adopter. Please note that this policy is meant to protect the animal and was not put in place to inconvenience or offend the adopter.

There was a time when AKC policy was to cancel the registration of those dogs that had been "processed" by an AC/shelter/rescue. That policy was rescinded, but there are many people who believe it is still in place. (And who knows? The AKC may change its mind again and reinstate that policy.) Further, there are ACs/shelters/rescues whose policy is not to pass along AKC registration (or indeed, any registry's paperwork). While this means you will not be able to register the dog in your name with its original name, breeder's info, d.o.b., sire & dam's info, you can still get the dog an AKC PAL number.

If you explain to the AC/shelter/rescue that you want the dog's registration info simply to research its pedigree, I don't see there should be any objection to them telling you the dog's registered name & #, d.o.b., and names & reg #s of the sire and dam. If they balk at that, it seems to me that if they could just tell you the dog's reg # you should be able to order a pedigree from the AKC.

ETA: Unfortunately, if your dog came from an unethical breeder, the information on its registration could be a total falsehood and thus, worse than useless in trying to ascertain what health issues the dog may have inherited or develop.

Hope you find this info useful. Best of luck with your new DoberPal!:wavey:
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