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Hi, ive heard of people using humans multivitamins for their dogs is this safe to do? and if so how much?
Also wondering if anybody is aware or could post how much protein, carbs etc is a good daily intake for dobermasn 12months+
Thanks, i apreciate all the help i can get.
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I've heard of people buying human supplements for their pets, like glucosamine but not a multivitamin...
The glucosamine that Chi gets is bought at the BX - the same stuff would cost 2x's a much if there was a dog on the bottle :)
But not so sure about a multivitamin - I would imagine that a dog needs different amounts of different vitamins than people.
If you're feeding a high quality food though, you probably don't need many if any supplements.
If you're asking because you're interested in feeding a RAW diet, check out this link: It's a FAQ that one of our members (a vet) wrote last year on how she feeds her dog.

Welcome to the forum btw :) Please take a minute to introduce yourself and your doberkid in the new member introduction forum :)
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There are some supplements that you can get human ones for. Multivitamins I imagine is not one of them. There are some vitamins that when given in large doses will cause overdose. What supplements are you wanting to give and why? That might be able to let people help you more if they have a better idea what you are wanting.
My holistic vet recommends a human multivitamin. I never have given them though and will not in the future. I do give other supplements though.
Thanks for all the replies guys, dreamdoby iam not yet sure what supplements i want to give him iam just enquiring, i want the best possible health for my boy all round and iam just trying to find out what i can and cant give. What do you guys recommend is the best supplements/food for a dobies health i want him to have the best of everything.
I follow the Storms Regimen for supplements for my dogs and it has worked wonders.. I have posted the web site before. if you would like it again let me know..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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