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Vitamin E supplements?

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I've had Summer on salmon oil (Iceland Pure is the brand) but haven't started Jordan on it. I'm thinking about adding it to his food now though. I don't supplement Summer with daily vitamin E but I do feed her nuts (high in vitamin E) about 2-3 times a week and of course Jordan gets some too. I know I can feed them eggs for vitamin E also and Summer loves her scrambled eggs but I think that cooking cuts down the levels of vitamins right? Would a couple raw eggs a week be okay for the both of them mixed in with their kibble? I'm trying to think of some natural ways for them to get the vitamin E or ways that they may already be getting enough.
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All I know is if you give raw eggs, just give the yolk as the white destroys
vit B. I think it is B. Also heard somewhere you can give the whole egg cause of all the vits in dog food now so maybe someone else will chime in and clear this up.
Good natural sources of Vit. E are fish, wheat germ, Saff. oil, green leafy vegs., Nutritional yeast. I give ******* Saff. oil, and nutritonal yeast everyday. I also give her wheat bran to keep her bowl's moving, sometimes this is a problem when feeding raw.
Thank you. That also reminds me that Jordan likes mustard greens. He eats some when I feed it to the beardie.
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