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Video of Kaiser playing when he was small

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My girlfriend owns a 2.5 pound Yorkshire Terrior. This video is the two playing when Kaiser was a puppy.

Kaiser Playing
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Wow! That ankle biter is cute, but looked a little spazzy... I love that about little dogs. Their legs look like blurs. That boy, Kaiser, sure is a looker. :)
Its not like that anymore, he is A LOT bigger and she can't keep away as easy.... However, that was always fun to watch.
Cute -- I was wondering if he was ever going to get up and get that little "Terror" back...
Neat video!

Add a video camera to the list of stuff I need to buy for myself after Christmas.
That video was taken with my phone...haha. I am glad I caught that. I never notice how big he is getting until I look back at when he was small.
haha how cute! lol that is a calm lazy puppy :) hahaha
If you buy a fairly good camera it also can take pretty good videos. Was Kaiser limping in that vid?
Wow! That Yorkie was really running circles around him. Cute.
No, he wasn't limping...just lazy. He had been trying to chase her for a while.
"Dude, like, leave me alone already. Ya' know.........I'm just layin' here on the grass, minding my own business, and you went and drank 17 cups of coffee and are freakin' wired. Go away and let me finish my nap please!!!"
We have to keep them seperated now because he sees her as a toy. So he is a bit rough.
Java had a little furball like that come after her at the dog park. She (at 18 mos) tilted her head, looked down and the bubble over her head should have read 'Looks like a stuffie - and it MOVES'. I kept close eye on her because I was afraid the prey drive might kick in and all that would be left would be its pink bow....!
It was ok, them playing and all, when he couldn't catch her. Now he has no problem so I have to watch them.
Barn 63, your video is cute. Brought back alot of memories of when my two crazy dobes played when they were younger. Only one wasn't layed backed both were spitfires. I liked to use the term energetic instead of hyper with my two it helped me feel better lol. Overall I don't miss those days, seriously what a whirly wind some times.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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