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Yo. How goes it, today?
She had one of her "episodes" last night. It was horrible, and this one lasted three hours. She actually cried out a couple times because she is running frantically and crashing into us, the dogs, jumping over things and I'm sure that didn't help the sore neck.

We've all been doing a lot of brainstorming about what brings these on. As soon as we narrow it down, boom it happens again.

However, the last thing we are looking at is Bromelain. She was taken off Nature's Variety because it has pineapple (bromelain) which can cause brain bleeds, especially if her cancer has spread to the brain.

Yesterday, she did eat her sisters breakfast so she got NV, and extra propalin and a dasuquin (which we eliminated because of soy). She also got a stilbesterol that night, and while the episodes sometimes co-incide with that, not always.

Any new ideas? The vet has none, beyond using the gabapentin to treat it as a seizure.

I cried all night. I can't bear to watch her go through these things.

She's quiet this AM. Moving slower than normal but hungry as usual. How can you put that down..

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I don't have any suggestions. I'm really sorry for you and Swilly dealing with this. It's heartbreaking to read. I imagine it's suffocatingly painful to watch.

Hugs and good vibes to you all.
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