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Your pup looks purebred (though it's never possible to tell from a picture alone) however the vet is correct in that the ear set is very low on the skull, and the ear leather looks rather pendulous and heavy yet thin.
A lot of the east euro dogs I've seen lately have these characteristics and often struggle with the longer crops requiring more time to post in order to stand - one female I know even tends to start flopping again when she's in heat or nursing so the owner does the tape-rings around the middle through that time.
Yes. The father is a European bloodline and Mom old American Doberman bloodline. I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but I'd assume they'd also be European if older lineage. I'm going to pay for the pedigree when I send his AKC papers in. I never even questioned if he was purebred. She was insulting even questioning and I truly knew then that she didn't know much about them. He isn't a thin, tiny boned Doberman. I saw the other pups and I specifically chose him because I liked his build, face and personality. A few of the other puppies were thinner and not as much loose skin, but his look I just preferred. At any rate, we adore him. I'm just hoping he will be able to get a decent crop. 😊
Yes, I had a boxer like that and finally they stayed up. It was many months of posting and taping and back then I used popsicle sticks wrapped in gauze and tape.
BTW, the last picture is the most recent and his ears are higher. I'm hoping with him teething a lot, he will strengthen his ears more.
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